Boffins Public House

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Lunch: Sandwiches

Light Fare

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Art of the Melt v2.0  14 
Our very own combination of sautéed onions and mushrooms mixed with a blend of four cheeses and stuffed between two toasted slices of English muffin loaf, spread with an herbaceous green pesto

Chorizo Egger  16 
A housemade chorizo pork burger, pan seared and served on toasted English muffin bread, spread with a caramelized onion and black pepper aioli, topped off with maple-smoked cheddar, a sunny side up egg and fresh bruschetta

Pulled Pork Wrap  15 
Pork, lovingly bathed in a spicy barbeque sauce and baked until fork tender, gently pulled and wrapped tightly with fresh apple-radish coleslaw all nestled inside a warm tomato flour tortilla

Nacho Typical Chicken  16 
A marinated chicken breast, grilled and brushed with a tequila jalapeño-lime glaze, topped with aged white cheddar and served on a toasted nacho cheese bun spread with sour cream and layered with avocado, lettuce and tomato

The Kale Drago  14 
Faux meatballs made from kale and lentils, pan seared until golden, nestled in a toasted caramelized focaccia bun, topped with marinara and crispy baked kale then sprinkled with dairy free Parmesan
vegan and contains nuts

Sabih Pita  15 
Fresh zhoug (spicy herb and chili paste), grilled eggplant and coarse chopped Mediterranean-style salad, all stuffed into a fresh baked pita with a hard boiled egg and topped with zesty and creamy tahini

B4 Burger  16 
Our famous 7 oz. grilled sirloin patty, topped with aged cheddar, cherry smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato, all stacked into a toasted onion focaccia bun spread with a smoked paprika and honey aioli


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